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“Freedom lies in being bold”

We just completed the first full fiscal year of shipping our flagship software, PernixData FVP.

Bringing Clarity to the Virtual Data Center

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but it seems like every action movie is now filmed in 3D. At some point – probably after Avatar killed it in the box office despite a painfully mediocre plot – it was determined that 3D filming created a better viewing experience and was feasible for mass market consumption. So here we are, with every blockbuster action movie coming out with a 3D option…

The New PernixPrime

Starting today PernixData launched a brand new platform for partner training and certification.

Why an AFA May Not Be AOK

Recently, we did a social media push using the hashtag #AFAnotAOK. The responses were very polarized, with people either loving or hating the term. 

In memory computing - a survey of implementations to date

In the series’ previous post we took a walk down memory lane and reviewed the evolution of In Memory Computing (IMC) over the last few decades. In this blog post we will deep dive into a couple of specific implementations of IMC to better understand both the innovations that have happened to date and their limitations.

Why I decided not to put flash in the array

patched tire

A VDI view from the trenches: Optimizing Citrix with Zero Waste

Editor’s note: This is one of a series of guest posts from PernixData customers.

Author: Nick Casagrande, Southern Waste Systems

After recently deploying PernixData software to assist in my Citrix XenDesktop deployment at Southern Waste, I decided to put together a collection of thoughts and best practices as it relates to this new design.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have additional questions (or comments), please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Why bringing innovation to market the right way matters

horseless carriage

Enterprise computing is going through radical changes. Groundbreaking innovations have allowed users to rethink the way enterprise computing is deployed and consumed. The advent of high performance server side media, such as flash storage, is one such innovation that is transforming enterprise computing.

PernixData: FVP and vCOps/vROps Integration

One thing that I’ve learned during my career in services and pre-sales is that not all Enterprise IT shops are organized in a cookie-cutter way, run the same, or in the same spot on their respective strategic plans of virtualization/cloud implementation. Another thing seemed pretty obvious; the larger shops had distinct groups that managed day-to-day IT operations that were separate from the more future-looking architecture and engineering groups.

Interpreting Performance Metrics in PernixData FVP

In the simplest of terms, performance charts and graphs are nothing more than lines with pretty colors. They exist to provide insight and enable smart decision making. Yet, accurate interpretation is a skill often trivialized, or worse, completely overlooked. Depending on how well the data is presented, performance graphs can amaze or confuse, with hardly a difference between the two.

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