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Gartner does the largest CIO survey in the world, where they speak to almost 3,000 people in 80 countries. They asked these IT leaders what their top spending priorities are for 2016, and the top answer was clear: Analytics.

Not security. Not storage. Not data protection. Analytics.

It’s not enough to see what is happening inside their data centers. CIOs want to know why things are happening, and where they are going.

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In the last eight years of implementing, selling, and troubleshooting VDI implementations at VMware, I’ve observed one common and pervasive barrier to adoption: storage performance. Note the emphasis on the word “performance”. For a long time storage was measured almost exclusively in terms of capacity. As VDI started to take off, IT was forced to look at just how much data was stored on an end-user’s local hard drive. Suddenly the economics of virtualizing hundreds or thousands of desktops caused people to pause.

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Back in June 2015, I disclosed PernixData’s vision around applying big data and real time analytics techniques to the way we run enterprise datacenters.
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There is no shortage of mysteries in the Data Center. These stealthy influencers can undermine performance and consistency of your environment, while remaining elusive to identify, quantify, and control. Virtualization helped expose some of this information, as it provided an ideal control plane for visibility. But it does not, and cannot properly expose all data necessary to account for these influencers.

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I am very excited to announce the General Availability (GA) of PernixData Architect.
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In many ways, making a good User Interface (UI) seems like a simple task. As evident by so many software makers over the years, it is anything but simple. A good UI looks elegant to the eye, and will become a part of muscle memory without even realizing it. A bad UI can feel like a cruel joke; designed to tease the brain, and frustrate the user. It’s never done intentionally of course. In fact, bad visual and functional designs happen in any industry all the time. Just think of your favorite ugly car. At some point there was an entire committee that gave it a thumbs up.

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In my last article I stated that IT is the killer use case of Big Data analytics. And Enrico Signoretti acknowledges this with his last article, “analytics, the key to (storage) happiness.”

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Scale out as opposed to scale up has the promise of allowing a solution to grow with the number of hosts in the cluster. But very often we see solutions that fail to live up to this promise. Why is scale out hard? Well, there are multiple reasons why scale out is hard and although the specifics of each solution are different the common theme is that

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FVP Freedom Edition Launch

As you know we shipped PernixData FVP 3.0 version yesterday, but what you might not know is that we also shipped PernixData FVP Freedom Edition. This in my opinion is an exciting addition to the product family and based on the feedback we have already received it’s taking off in a major way!! Keep in mind this is totally free software with no restrictions or time limits.

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