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100% Commitment to the Channel

PernixData is partnering with leading solution providers throughout the world to make FVP™ the premier storage acceleration platform for virtual data centers. Our software is 100% sold through channels, so we are committed to making our resellers successful. Advantages of being a PernixData partner include:
  • Capitalize on a huge market opportunity
  • Drive sales of other virtualization, storage and server products
  • 100% software solution with fast sales cycle
  • Excellent opportunity for ongoing revenue
  • Relevant to all end user environments (enterprise, SMB and service provider)

PernixPrime Logo

PernixPrime™ is a technical certification program that ensures PernixData partners have the expertise required to position and support the industry’s premier platform for scale-out storage acceleration. This certification provides a mechanism to show your proven skills to the industry and the community.


  • You will learn the foundational elements to deliver a revolutionary technology to your customers that will have a positive ROI, in addition to stronger customer loyalty!
  • You will be joining a strong community of existing PernixPrime™ partners.
  • You will be receiving an elite recognizable partner certification to show your proven skills in the industry and community.
  • Once certified you will be sent a welcome kit that contains items for your prestigious accomplishment.
  • Access to a NFR license for software training exercises and evaluation.


PernixPrime members training

To be eligible for the PernixPrime™ certification you must be a signed partner. Once you’re a signed partner then you can request access to the PernixPrime™ certification program in one of three ways:

Please email us for more information.

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