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PernixData Architect Software

Upgrade to a hyper-intelligent datacenter

PernixData Architect is the first infrastructure analytics platform that provides the hyper-intelligence you need to design and run your datacenter. With analytics-driven storage, you can optimize operations, maximize performance, and minimize costs – regardless of the storage you already have.

Hyper-intelligence in real time

Understand big data at a glance.

illustration showing telemetry data from storage vms and hypervisor collected and analyzed in real time by architect

Architect collects and analyzes real-time VM and storage data from the heart of your datacenter – the hypervisor.

See what matters instantly through intuitive analytics that correlate information across VMs, servers, and storage. Save 1,000s of hours on tedious data gathering, tabulation, and analysis.

Turn big data into smart actions

Eliminate the guesswork.

Word cloud: IOPS, Network, Block Size, VM, Hyper-Intelligent, Scale-out, Fault Tolerant, Latency, Application Aware, Throughput

Even all-flash arrays can suffer from performance problems. From application block sizes to read/write mixes to IOPS bottlenecks, Architect gives you the VM-storage insights you need to properly design, deploy, manage and optimize your storage environment.

Fix performance and configuration issues before they impact your business with specific recommendations for optimizing working set size, configuration choices, RAM use, and more.

Drill Down to VM Level Granularity

Use Architect’s event correlated analytics to drill-down to VM-level granularity, and roll back in time as far as needed, to quickly find the needle in the haystack and fix unforeseen issues.

Ingenious simplicity

With magical software, everything just works.

Deploys in 20 minutes, with no agents, reboots, or configuration changes.

Get insights without overload with a user experience designed for progressive disclosure.

Use the same analytics methodology, regardless of the application and storage.

Time is money

Architect helps you save both.

Use insights to optimize storage for critical workloads to achieve higher business productivity.

illustration of contents not filling up hard drive

Understand exactly what hardware you need for performance to avoid expensive storage overprovisioning.

Rapidly identify and fix VM problems, saving time, money, and IT resources.

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