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PernixData Architect Software

Architect the Data Center of Your Dreams

PernixData Architect™ is a revolutionary software platform for holistic data center design, deployment, operations and optimization. It combines a best-in-class user experience with robust real-time analytics and design recommendations to deliver unprecedented visibility and control of virtualized applications and the underlying storage infrastructure.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Proactive design recommendations
  • 100% hardware agnostic

Architect Features


Turn big data into big knowledge

Architect continuously generates new data based on dynamic VM and infrastructure conditions and correlates it with third party information


Real-time analytics

Architect uses real-time descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for optimal storage and VM design.


Best-in-class user experience

From a single pane of glass you get all pertinent details at your fingertips, with detailed analytics and drill downs available for more analysis.


Hardware agnostic

Architect is a 100% software solution that runs in the hypervisor kernel, making it compatible with all hardware on VMware’s HCL list. No changes required to infrastructure.

Sample Use Cases

Say goodbye to reactive tools for tactical operations...

Say hello to a new holistic learning platform for strategic data

Avoid Storage Overprovisioning costs
Accurately size storage for performance based on real-time workload data

Ensure Success of Application Rollouts / Upgrades
Optimize storage performance for new traffic characteristics (read/write mix, block sizes, etc)

Eliminate VM troubleshooting costs
Quickly identify and resolve VM performance problems and prevent them from reoccurring

Architect 30 Day Free Trial

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