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PernixData FVP Software

Make impossible storage possible

PernixData FVP software is the premier platform for server-side storage acceleration, delivering faster VM performance than all-flash arrays at a fraction of the cost. Get the fastest virtual machine performance, predictable scale-out growth, push-button simplicity and no rip-and-replace headaches.

Faster than all-flash arrays at 1/10th the cost

Get the lowest latency with FVP – period.

FVP Lowest Latency Solution

FVP provides the ONLY way to get the lowest latency – by caching hot read and write data in the server, closest to compute.

Use the fastest server media including SSDs, NVMe, and RAM for sub-1 ms response times, while riding the commodity curve to slash costs.

Scaling without the scares

Confidently scale-out performance in lock-step with your servers.

Scale performance with FVP

Increase performance simply by adding more server compute, flash, or RAM. Decoupling performance from array capacity lets you predictably and cost-effectively scale performance as your environment grows.

Replication Across Fault Domains

Synchronous replication between hosts and configurable fault domains ensure data is available even if a component fails – no matter how large
the cluster.

Leverage Architect for analytics-driven storage to maximize VM performance without overprovisioning resources as you scale.

Ingenious simplicity

With magical software, everything just works.

Use any server, any storage, or any virtualized application. No rip and replace or forklift upgrades.

Deploys in 20 minutes, without any disruption, configuration changes, or reboots.

Dynamically adapts to VM services like vMotion, HA, and DRS. It all “just works.”

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