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Always Perfect Storage

PernixData lets you build perfect storage by optimizing performance, management and cost for your individual business needs. Our software installs in minutes, with no changes to your existing servers, storage or applications.

It has never been easier to get the data center of your dreams.

Scale-Out Storage Acceleration

FVP® Software – Free 30 Day Trial

Eliminate storage performance bottlenecks with a low latency, fault tolerant I/O acceleration tier using server flash/RAM.

  • 10x faster than storage alone
  • Cost-effectively scale-out IOPS with compute
  • Use any storage for capacity

Proactive Storage Management

Architect™ Software – Free 30 Day Trial

Marry VM and storage intelligence for proactive data center design, deployment, operations and optimization.

  • Real-time VM and storage analytics
  • Proactive design recommendations
  • 100% hardware agnostic

Request a Free 30-Day Trial

FVP Freedom

FVP Freedom takes key elements of FVP – read acceleration and Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (DFTM) – and makes them available to anyone looking for storage acceleration for FREE. There is no time limit and no restrictions on who can have the software.

  • Accelerate any virtualized application (VDI, Database, Microsoft)
  • Freedom from expensive SAN caching solutions
  • Up to 128 GB of memory for read acceleration

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